PAACO was originally founded in 1992 as a ‘Public Auto Auction Company’ primarily targeting the Hispanic community. The auction was run on the weekends and cheap cars sold for cash were the bulk of the inventory. Customers gradually started asking for a better vehicle and in-house financing services were added to the auction business. By working with a customer that had been historically underserved, PAACO became the largest buy here / pay here operation in Texas. At one time there were a total of 12 sales locations, plus 8 payment centers, in the Dallas and Houston areas.

PAACO was in uncharted territory and the competition increased as other companies followed our lead. We moved our operations east and south of the Dallas-Ft Worth metroplex, once again bringing a nicer car to the small-town customer. We provide our customers with a new-car dealership experience and give them the royal treatment. This is due to the background of our president Larry Lange, who ran successful Cadillac and Jaguar dealerships in Dallas. PAACO has our own team of collectors that focus on collecting primarily through customer service; we provide our customers with a very familial feel to our business through our Collections department.

Serving the un-bankable customer is our specialty and we have a deep understanding of this customer’s special needs. These are the primary reasons for our successful 20 years in the market. We treat this customer as the most important person to us, regardless of credit scores. We understand that these are people just like us and they should be treated with the utmost respect.

Giving back to the community:
In 2001, PAACO teamed up with Quintanilla Middle School. To improve attendance for 6 weeks, every child that had perfect attendance for each week was given a ticket to a drawing. At the end of the six weeks, one ticket was pulled and that child’s family was awarded a Chevrolet Cavalier. Afterwards, attendance improved dramatically at the school.

Another year, PAACO adopted an elementary school and donated over 300 jackets for Christmas.
On a yearly basis, PAACO donates to the Texas Association for the Blind, The Moslah Shrine Circus which benefits disabled children, and the Children’s Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Each PAACO sales location has a personal cause or group they sponsor; from schools to libraries to all types of sports and public organizations.

These associations include ROTC Jr. Club in Grand Prairie, Tribe Boxing Club in Waxahachie, the football team in Longview, Palestine Youth Athletic Club, Texas Children’s Workshop Palestine, Neches Volunteer Fire Department Palestine, Waco Cross Road Fellowship, Friends of Library Waco, Annual Food Donation to Caritas Waco, Feed the Homeless at year-end Holidays Waco, Jacksonville United Fund of Cherokee County, Knights of Columbus Jacksonville, Veterans of Foreign Wars Jacksonville, and the Sam Houston H. S. Drill Team Tex Anne’s Arlington.